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How Can I Learn Jewelry Design and Repair?

Written by Michelle Ecker on Monday, 30 November 2020. Posted in Career

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If you’re interested in studying something as hands-on as jewelry design, you might be wondering how an online course such as Ashworth’s possibly works. If you’re looking for a course that can teach you those hands-on skills without requiring you to attend in-person classes, while also still providing you with mentorship from a real teacher, this self-paced, online course might be a great fit for you. Here’s what you should know about this unique, interactive online program.

How to get started in an online jewelry design course

Câu lạc bộ VIP bùng nổUnlike in-person jewelry design classes that likely have start dates, class times and locations where you’re required to attend class, at Ashworth College you can enroll whenever you are ready to get started.

Ashworth courses are self-paced, meaning there are no class times, no set schedule of when you have to login and submit work, and no due dates for your assignments or projects. Students are given two years to learn and fulfill requirements- and you have the freedom of scheduling your work throughout those two years however you see fit. Some students graduate within 8 months, others take the full two years- the timing is entirely up to you.

The online jewelry design course at Ashworth is broken up into seven easy-to-follow units. As a student, you will dive in with an overview of small business ownership and self-employment, a valuable lesson for students aiming to start selling their work at the completion of the program. From there you will study a history of jewelry design and a review of relevant tools for designers and jewelry repair experts.

Over the course of the following six lessons, you’ll study everything from wire working and stringing to color trends and copyright law for designers. Towards the end of the program, you will get into a comprehensive overview of selling your work, learning about craft shows, ergonomics and business details.

Want to Learn More?

To get started with Ashworth College’s online jewelry design and repair course, all you need to do is complete our enrollment form and make one down payment online to gain access. Then, login and dive into unit one. If you have more questions about how the program works or would like to speak to one of the jewelry design mentors or student services representatives before you enroll, feel free to call for more information.

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